Leadership Certificate in Women's Ministry

The purpose of the Leadership Certificate in Women's Ministry program is to equip women as lay leaders and church staff in woman-to-woman ministries in the local church by providing quality training and networking opportunities.

The Leadership Certificate in Women's Ministry can be acquired by completing 12 hours of course credit. This is accomplished by completing four 3-hour courses taught by Southwestern faculty and other experts in the field of women's ministry. Courses are available online and in a traditional schedule format at the Fort Worth campus. It is possible to complete the program in two years. Courses may also be taken for credit in Southwestern's master's or baccalaureate programs.

Leadership Certificate in Women's Ministry Courses

Choose 4 courses.

WOMIN 3413 (1413) Engaging Women in Ministry and Missions
This course is designed to study the philosophy, objectives, activities and administration of local community ministries to women. Three hours.

WOMIN 3513 (1513) Women in Leadership
A study of the philosophy, theology, skills, and methods of personal leadership development, leadership team development and administrative procedures that are unique to women's ministry in the local church. Students will conduct personal evaluations of leadership skills, develop a plan for leadership and create an administrative procedural resource. Three hours.

WOMIN 3613 (1613) Girls' Ministry 
This "how to" course will introduce the student to the principles for setting up and engaging in Girls' Ministry in a variety of settings. The student will study a brief history of student ministry with special emphasis given to the emerging role of "Girls' Ministry" within the last few decades. Particular attention will be given to investigating biblical principles that should form the foundation for ministry to girls and young women age 12 to 18. Three hours.

WOMIN 3713 (1713) Discipling Women
This course will examine the process of discipling women. This course will also examine the biblical principles that relate to issues frequently experienced by women and competencies necessary for effective discipling of women. Three hours.

WOMIN 4123 Counseling Women
This course will focus on equipping women in ministry to counsel other women with God's Word. Topics such as sufficiency of Scripture, role of the local church, and the responsibility of church leaders will be discussed. Other subject matters also include judging others and challenging issues a counselor faces. This course exposes women with a variety of topics a counselor may encounter while counseling other women. Scripture references are provided as a tool to help the counselee. Three hours.

WOMIN 4223 (2223) Ministry to Women
A study of a biblical model of ministry to women in a variety of contexts with a focus on a biblical foundation, leadership issues, and considerations for women as well as the practical outworking of the tasks of a woman-to-woman ministry. Three hours.

WOMIN 4373 (2373) Women's Issues
This course will provide a study of the various issues facing women and the church in reaching, teaching, and ministering to women. The course will include a holistic approach to physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of women. Three hours.

WOMIN 3733 The Art of Teaching
A study of principles and methods of effective Christian teaching, including the development of presentation skills. Approaches include planning and teaching for knowledge, understanding, attitude changes, and Christian action. Opportunity for practice teaching and videotaped evaluation provided. Three hours.

One WOMST XXX3 Elective