Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies provides basic theological education in Bible, History, Theology, Ethics, and Apologetics. This 36-hour degree can be completed entirely online. A summative evaluation will occur at the end of the program.

Course Title Course Number Hours
Biblical Hermeneutics BIBST 3203 3
Basic Old Testament I OLDTS 3313 3
Basic Old Testament II OLDTS 3323 3
Basic New Testament I NEWTS 3313 3
Basic New Testament II NEWTS 3323 3
History of Christianity I CHAHT 3103 3
History of Christianity II CHAHT 3113 3
Baptist Heritage BPTST 3203 3
Systematic Theology I SYSTH 3003 3
Systematic Theology II SYSTH 3013 3
The Bible & Moral Issues ETHIC 4323 3
Christian Apologetics PHILO 4373 3
  Total 36

Cross-Cultural Missions Concentration

Students participating in the International Mission Board's Macedonia Project complete the Master of Theological Studies with an additional 9-hour concentration in Cross-Cultural Missions. This will meet the IMB's requirement of 45 hours of training. Macedonia Project students substitute a cross-cultural ethics course for the Bible & Moral Issues and World Religions for Christian Apologetics. The concentration courses are as follows.

Course Title Course Number Hours
Introduction to Missiology MISSN 3363 3
Contemporary Evangelism EVANG 3303 3
Applied Anthropology for Biblical Church Planting MISSN 4653 3

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