Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies

*Pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

The Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Texas Baptist College (TBC) aims to prepare its graduates for effective Kingdom ministry all over the world.  Specifically, this degree trains TBC graduates to successfully traverse nations’ cultural and religious borders for effective Christian witness in ministry or the international marketplace.  Students study topics such as ethnography, worldview, cross-cultural communication, cultural anthropology, and world religions.  They further learn the necessary skills to speak a foreign language of their choice and acquire core business knowledge.  After approximately two years into the degree, students travel abroad for approximately five months to a selected ministry assignment where an experienced field supervisor oversees the internship and the above-mentioned cross-cultural learning can be applied.

Intercultural Studies Major Requirements
Course Title Course Number Hours
Entrepreneurship BUS 4103  3
Business as Mission MIS 2423 3
Macroeconomics ECN 3103 3
Microeconomics  ECN 3203 3
World Religions SOS 2103 3
Cultural Anthropology ICS 2123 3
Cross-Cultural Communication ICS 3103 3
Hebrew I HBR 1103 3
Hebrew II HBR 1203 3
Any two courses in Intercultural Studies Electives ICS XXXX 9

Track Specific On-Field Internship Requirements

Chapel CHP 1000 (6 Semesters)
  Total 48
Texas Baptist College Core Requirements
Course Title Course Number Hours
Old Testament I OTS 1113 3
Old Testament II OTS 1123 3
New Testament I NTS 2113 3
New Testament II NTS 2123 3
Biblical Theology BIB 1173 3
Systematic Theology I THE 3033 3
Systematic Theology II THE 4033 3
Systematic Theology III THE 4043 3
Greek I GRK 1103 3
Greek II GRK 1203 3
English I ENG 1113 3
English II ENG 1213 3
Natural Science NAS 4203 3
Critical Thinking & Worldview REA 1153 3
Introduction to Christian Ethics SOS 3313 3
Introduction to Christian Philosophy PHI 4113 3
Introduction to Missions MIS 2013 3
Evangelism EVA 2213 3
Spiritual Formation BIB 1013 3
Any Two of the Following Great Books:   6
Great Books of Early Western Civilization IDE 1103  
Great Books of Late Antiquity IDE 1213  
Great Books of Middle Ages & Renaissance IDE 2173  
Great Books of the Enlightenment IDE 3103  
Great Books of the 19th Century IDE 3203  
Great Books of the 20th Century IDE 3233  
  Total 63
Electives     9
  Degree Total 120