Associate of Arts in Christian Studies

*Pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

The Associate of Arts in Christian Studies (AACS) at Texas Bapist College introduces students to a combination of theological education and the history of Western thought in order to develop intellectual and spiritual maturity of every graduate. The degree prepares students to serve God and others in whatever chosen vocation, including Christian ministries, through worldview development and biblical studies.

Biblical and Theological Studies
Course Title Course Number Hours
Old Testament I OTS 1113 3
Old Testament II OTS 1123 3
New Testament I NTS 2113 3
New Testament II NTS 2123 3
Biblical Theology BIB 1173 3
Systematic Theology I THE 3033 3
Systematic Theology II THE 4033 3
Systematic Theology III THE 4043 3
Hermeneutics BIB 1233 3
Introduction to Christian Apologetics PHI 1203 3
  Total 30
Ministry Studies
Course Title Course Number Hours
Spritual Formation BIB 1013 3
Introduction to Missions MIS 2013 3
Evangelism EVA 2213 3
  Total 9
General Education
Course Title Course Number Hours
English I ENG 1113 3
English II ENG 1213 3
Natural Science NAS 4203 3
Critical Thinking and Worldview REA 1153 3
Introduction to Christian Ethics SOS 3313 3
Introduction to Christian Philosophy PHI 4113 3
World Religions SOS 2103 3
  Total 21
  Total Degree 60