Student Life at Southwestern and TBC

Student Life offers events and social activities designed to build deeper community and help students cultivate lifelong relationships. We look to assist the student and on-campus organizations with a genuine fellowship that will create a culture for ministry networking and can be sustained for a lifetime of ministry service. Lastly, we exist to equip tomorrow’s spiritual leaders with discipleship opportunities that will grow and develop them as they answer God’s calling in their lives.

Our students come from all over the nation and from many countries around the world, their backgrounds include studies from more than 600 different colleges and universities. Student Life offers a comprehensive menu of events and activities to help students of all walks of life connect with other students and campus organizations. The seminary community provides opportunities for meaningful fellowship, enhancement of personal and family relationships, and personal renewal. The Student Life staff intentionally serves the needs of the students to ensure they are connected and ready to succeed on Seminary Hill.