Student Life at Southwestern

Our goal in the Office of Student Life at Southwestern Seminary is to create a place where students can enjoy fellowship with one another, participate in stimulating conversations, grow intellectually and spiritually, and provide opportunities to engage in Christian ministry.

Our students come from all over the nation and from many countries around the world making the campus an international center. Their backgrounds include studies in more than 600 colleges and universities. Varied activities are offered each semester for married and single students. The student organizations on campus host numerous fellowships and other activities to enhance the seminary experience. A full slate of recreational and other activities are sponsored through the Recreation and Aerobics Center as well.

Since Southwestern's goal is to prepare individuals for vocational Christian ministry, students devote much of their “free time” in pursuit of their calling through involvement in local churches.

The seminary community provides opportunities for meaningful fellowship, enhancement of personal and family relationships, and personal renewal. The Student Services staff is always available to assist students and their families.