Personal Appearance

In the current environment of deteriorating moral and social codes, it is even more important that students training to be Christian leaders hold high the principles of Christian morality, conduct, and dress. Students and their families are expected to dress in modest attire. The institution’s position is that immodest clothing damages one’s Christian testimony, so clothes such as short skirts, short shorts, and tank tops are not appropriate. Hats, caps, and shorts are not allowed in class or in chapel. Ear jewelry is prohibited for men and other body piercings are prohibited for both males and females.

Please Note: Students are not permitted to wear shorts of any style in the classroom. Students are not permitted to wear hats in classrooms or chapel, with the exception of female students who are permitted to wear hats in chapel.

Students are guided on this campus by the principles of the Christian gospel. Visitors to the campus should be able to see in seminary students the inward and outward qualities that identify them as ministers of that gospel.