Grievance Procedure


Before filing a grievance, the student should:

  1. Review documents that address the situation - syllabi, policies and procedures, etc.
  2. Prayerfully consider the validity of the grievance.
  3. In keeping with Matthew 18, discuss the issue with the professor or administrator involved.

If the issue cannot be resolved after completing the above activities, the student can follow the Student Grievance Process as described below.

Student Grievance Process

  1. The student emails the grievance to the appropriate administrator: school dean for academic course matters, vice president of the division for all other matters.
  2. The dean or vice president will correspond or meet with the student and those involved to attempt to establish a resolution of the grievance.
  3. The dean or vice president will email the decision on the grievance to the student.
  4. The administrative assistant to the dean or vice president will keep a record of the grievance and the final decision.
  5. Dean decisions may be appealed to the provost.
  6. Vice president and provost decisions may be appealed to the president.
  7. The decision of the president is final.