Church Membership

Each student is required annually to furnish certification of church membership. Special instructions regarding local church membership are below:

  1. Students who are Southern Baptist by conviction or heritage, but members of a non-Southern Baptist church, are required to pay non-Southern Baptist fees.
  2. Students desiring to change their denomination to Southern Baptist in order to receive the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program Scholarship are required to meet the following conditions:
    1. Demonstrate a desire to serve in a Southern Baptist church after graduation.
    2. After becoming a Southern Baptist church member, the student must initiate the change of denomination process by requesting and completing a change of denomination form from the Office of the Registrar. Fees for the semester are based upon the denomination of record at the time of registration, unless a change of denomination form is received during the add period.

Any questions regarding local church membership should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.