Weekly Chapel Services

Chapel services are a vital part of our campus life and are conducted each Tuesday and Thursday, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. The period is designed to promote the spiritual growth and health of students, staff, and faculty. Attendance is expected. Chapel services are available via live stream and archives of chapel sermons are available on our media website.

Special Weeks and Lectures

Southwestern seeks to involve the seminary community in special emphases, programs, and lectures.


The initial chapel of each semester unites new students with continuing students and faculty in an appearance of the entire seminary family before the Lord.


The seminary was chartered on March 14, 1908. A special Founder’s Day address is delivered each year by a distinguished scholar. The B. H. Carroll Award, the highest recognition made by the Institutional Advancement Division, is presented on Founder’s Day at a special luncheon.


The Day-Higginbotham Lectures were established by an endowment fund in 1965 donated by Mrs. Edwin M. Reardon, III as a memorial to the late Paul Clanton Higginbotham and to Mr. and Mrs. Riley Day, Mrs. Reardon’s parents.

Northcutt Lectures

The Jesse and Fannie Northcutt Lectures on Preaching and Pastoral Ministries were established in 1976 by the board of trustees. They have been funded by gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Graham of New Braunfels, Texas, the Northcutts, and friends. Northcutt began his service at Southwestern Seminary in 1939 and was professor, dean, and vice president.

Huber L. Drumwright, Jr. Lectures in New Testament

These lectures were established in 1987 by Minette Williams Drumwright as a memorial to her late husband. Drumwright, a former pastor, served on the New Testament faculty at Southwestern for almost 30 years and was dean of the School of Theology for seven years.

Expository Preaching Workshops

Bi-annual Expository Preaching Workshops, sponsored by Southwestern’s Center for Preaching, are hosted in the Fall and Spring Semesters. The workshops feature the practical aspects of preparing expository sermons.

Youth Ministry Lab

For over 25 years, Southwestern has sponsored a national conference for ministers and laypersons who work with students. The conference is planned and led by seminary students.