Master of Arts (Theology)


The Master of Arts (Theology) is a graduate level degree offering advanced work in the classical theological disciplines. The degree prepares students to pursue an academic ministry in one of these disciplines. Since the degree does not include courses outside of the classical theological disciplines, those called to local church ministry should pursue the Master of Divinity.

Entrance Requirements

The student must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The student’s undergraduate degree must include courses in the following subject areas:

Course Title Hours
Biblical Hermeneutics 3
Survey of the Old Testament 3-6*
Survey of the New Testament 3-6*
Greek or Hebrew (three semesters of one language) 9
Survey of Systematic Theology 6-9*
Survey of Church History 3-6*
Philosophy of Religion 3
Total 33 or more

*Undergraduate survey courses must cover the entire subject (for example, all of the Old Testament) in at least six hours as noted above. Prerequisites courses must be completed with a B- or better.

Admitted students who have not satisfied the prerequisites must do so at the beginning of the program.

New applicants to the seminary should indicate the desire to pursue the M.A.Th. on application materials. Current Southwestern students should fill out a Degree Change Form available in the Registrar’s Office and include an explanation of the reasons for pursuing the M.A.Th.

Degree Requirements

The 50-hour degree includes courses in Spiritual Formation, Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and Ethics and Philosophical Studies. Students use elective hours to pursue a concentration and/or to complete an optional thesis. For concentration requirements please see the M.Div. concentrations in the Southwestern Catalog.

In addition to the two hours of required Spiritual Formation, only advanced courses from Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and Ethics and Philosophical Studies apply toward the degree.

Requirements   Hours
Christian Formation EDMIN 3022 2
Biblical Languages HEBRW/GREEK 9
9 hours in the language not studied for the prerequisite
Biblical Studies   12
3 hours in the language studied for the prerequisite, 3 hours in Hermeneutics or Biblical Theology, and 6 hours of Biblical Studies electives
Theological Studies   12
3 hours in Baptist Heritage, 3 hours in Systematic Theology I, and 6 hours of Theological Studies electives
Ethics and Philosophical Studies   3
3 hours of Ethics and Philosophical Studies electives
Electives or Concentration*   12

*Concentrations in New Testament, Old Testament, Theological Studies, Ethics, Philosophical Studies, and Women's Studies are available on the Fort Worth campus. Six hours of electives may also be used for modern language study. For information on the M.A.Th. in Bonn, Germany, see below.

Non-Thesis Track

Students in the non-thesis track must select a concentration from the list above and pass a comprehensive exam in the area of the concentration. The comprehensive exam will be registered in the final semester (MATHE 5000).


Students may complete a thesis as part of the elective requirements for the degree. Students who plan to pursue Ph.D. work should complete a thesis. The thesis track includes the Graduate Research Seminar (2 hours), Thesis Research (1 hour), and Thesis Writing (3 hours). The remaining 6 hours of electives must be taken from one of the concentration areas.


Bonn Extension Center

In 2005 Southwestern Seminary established an extension center in Bonn, Germany. This extension site is housed on the beautiful campus of The Bibelseminar, Bonn. Students in Bonn complete the thesis track of the Master of Arts (Theology) and a concentration in Pastoral Ministry or Missions. Southwestern faculty travel to Bonn to teach courses on a rotating schedule from October to June. In addition to traveling faculty, Southwestern also employs residential faculty in Bonn. Courses at the Bonn extension center are taught in German or in English with German translation. Application for admission to the Bonn extension center is initiated through the Southwestern Office in Bonn.

For information on the M.A.Th. offered in Germany contact Dr. Friedhelm Jung:

by mail at: Bibelseminar Bonn, Haus Wittgenstein
Ehrental 2-4, 53332 Bornheim-Roisdorf
by email at
or by phone at +49 (0) 2222.701200

Additional Information

For additional information about the Master of Arts (Theology), contact the registrar's office at