Master of Arts (Philosophy)


The Master of Arts (Philosophy) offers advanced work in the discipline of Philosophy.

Entrance Requirements

The student must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The M.A.P. is built upon 24 or more hours of prerequisites which must be completed with a B- or better.

Course Title Hours
Old Testament Survey 6-9*
New Testament Survey 6-9*
Church History 3-6*
Systematic Theology Survey 6-9*
Biblical Hermeneutics 3

24 or more

*The range of hours allows for differing undergraduate programs in which survey courses may be designed for one or two semesters. The prerequisite courses must cover the entire range of material covered in the SWBTS courses.

Degree Requirements


Course Title Course Number Hours

Philosophical Studies

Analytic Theology PHILO 5213 3
Philosophy of Religion PHILO 4313 3
Critical Thinking PHILO 5373 3
Epistemology PHILO 4333 3
Metaphysics PHILO 4343 3
Ethical Theory ETHIC 4383 3
Philosophy of Mind PHILO 4353 3
Advanced Philosophical Topics Seminar PHILO 5543 3
History of Philosophy Seminar PHILO 5533 3

Choose Two of the Following




God and Evil PHILO 4383  
Contemporary Philosophical Issues PHILO 5513  
Intermediate Logic PHILO 5393  
Christian Apologetics PHILO 4373  
Cultural Apologetics PHILO 4403  
Christian Faith and Science PHILO 4483  
Political Philosophy PHILO 5523  
Philosophy of Science PHILO 4493  

Theological and Ministry Studies

Systematic Theology I SYSTH 3053 3
Doctrine of God or SYSTH 3313 or 3
Trinity SYSTH 3303  
Baptist Heritage BPTST 3203 3
Spiritual Formation I SPFTH 3101 1
Spiritual Formation II SPFTH 3111 1

Philosophy Research

Graduate Research Seminar RSTCH 5552 2
Philosophy Research Seminar PHILO 4542 2
  Total 48