Degree Overview

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree in the School of Theology affords students the best foundation for the broadest range of Christian ministries. Students receive training in Old Testament, New Testament, church history and historical theology, systematic theology, ethics, apologetics, and philosophy of religion, as well as in practical areas, such as pastoral ministry, preaching, and spiritual formation. Students may use elective hours to pursue concentrations in any school at Southwestern in accordance with their ministry goals and academic interests. The School of Theology M.Div. best equips students preparing for pastoral or preaching ministry and provides the deepest foundation for those seeking to serve the church in its various ministries. Those who, in God's providence, are unable to move to the campus, have opportunity to take their degree fully online. This degree may also be completed full in Spanish and Chinese.

Advanced Master of Divinity

The Advanced Master of Divinity allows students to build upon undergraduate theological training by taking advanced courses in place of the introductory courses in the regular Master of Divinity curriculum.

Master of Arts (Theology)

The Master of Arts (Theology) The Master of Arts (Theology) is a graduate level degree offering advanced work in the classical theological disciplines which include Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, and Ethics and Philosophical Studies.

Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies provides basic theological education in Bible, history, theology, ethics, and apologetics. For those who are unable to move to campus, this 36-hour degree can be completed entirely online.

Master of Theology

The Master of Theology allows students to gain a high level of competency in one major area of study after completion of the Master of Divinity. The Th.M. enhances ministerial practice, preparation for doctoral studies, and further mastery of a specialized discipline. The Th.M. is designed to enhance ministerial preparations, provide additional preparation for doctoral studies, and advance mastery in a specific discipline.

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry develops reflective and expert practitioners in ministry who will grow not only in ministry comprehension and competence, but also in character and virtue. Because it is a doctoral degree program, students are expected to pursue a high standard of expertise in ministry reflection and practice. Students will be challenged to think biblically and critically about the work of ministry and to articulate and demonstrate a thorough biblical and theological vision for ministry practice. Concentration areas of study include Biblical Counseling, Christian Formation and Discipleship, Christian Leadership, Christian Worship, Church Revitalization, Evangelism and Missions, Executive Leadership, Family Ministry, Great Commission Apologetics, Pastoral Theology, and Preaching.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy is the highest degree one can obtain. This research degree prepares persons of ability and promises to serve as teachers, pastors, chaplains, or denominational leaders. Areas of study include: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History and Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Christian Apologetics, Christian Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Pastoral Studies, and Preaching.