Master of Arts (Islamic Studies)


The Master of Arts (Islamic Studies) is designed to prepare Christian missionaries who desire specialized preparation in the area of Islamic Studies. Degree candidates will obtain more effective skills for reaching and making Christian disciples of people with an Islamic background.

Admissions Requirements

To be admitted as a candidate for the Master of Arts (Islamic Studies), a student must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or its equivalent;
  • Experience in ministry to persons of Islamic background or a clear statement of purpose to do so in the future.

Degree Requirements

Course Title Course Number Hours

General Theological Studies

Biblical Hermeneutics BIBST 3203 3
Old Testament I OLDTS 3053 3
Old Testament II OLDTS 3063 3
Old Testament III OLDTS 3073 3
New Testament I NEWTS 3053 3
New Testament II NEWTS 3063 3
New Testament III NEWTS 3073 3
Systematic Theology I SYSTH 3053 3
Systematic Theology II SYSTH 3063 3
Systematic Theology III SYSTH 3073 3
Baptist Heritage BPTST 3203 3
Spiritual Formation I SPFEV 3101 1
Spiritual Formation II SPFEV 3111 1

Language Studies (Pick one of two tracks)

Arabic Language Track: Beginning Arabic I, Beginning Arabic II, and Introduction to Qur'anic Arabic or Church History I

MODLG 3513, MODLG 3523, and MODLG 4513 or CHAHT 3103


Field Language Track:  Introduction to Sight-Reading the Qur'an, Field Language Acquisition I, Field Language Acquisition II or Church History I

MODLG 4513, MISSN 3613, and MISSN 3623 or CHAHT 3103


Practical Missiology & Islamic Studies

Introduction to Missiology MISSN 3363 3
Personal Missions Practicum MISSN 3100 0
Sharing Christ with Muslims ISLST 4223 3
Folk Islam ISLST 4213 3

Islamic Studies Foundational

Christian Inquiry into Islamic Faith and Practice ISLST 4283 3
Islamic Texts: Qur'an and Hadith ISLST 4273 3
Ishmael/Arabs in Biblical History ISLST 4253 3
Historical Developments in Islam ISLST 4313 3
  Total 65


Additional Information

For more information about this degree, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 817-923-1921 extension 2000, or in Scarborough 104.

Established 1908 Fort Worth, Texas