Master of Arts in Missiology


The Master of Arts in Missiology is a specialized degree plan which allows students to integrate their theological preparation and direct missionary experience. New students interested in missions may apply for admission into this degree plan as well as missionaries who have completed 20 - 30 hours of graduate theological studies, served on the field for two years, and need to complete a master's degree in order to serve with a missions sending agency.1


To be admitted to the degree, a student must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or equivalent.
  • One year of prior missionary service deemed acceptable by a faculty advisor (Short Term Mission Praxis) or a commitment to finish the equivalent of one year of missionary service under faculty supervision (Great Commission Mentorship). 

Integration of Theory and Practice

The degree requires students to integrate academic inquiry and missions practice. The program of study will follow either the Short Term Mission Praxis, for students with prior missionary service, or the Great Commission Mentorship, for students who will complete the required missionary service under faculty supervision. Candidates with prior experience evaluate their missions service under faculty supervision. Candidates without prior missionary experience complete three semesters of field ministry with a mentor. 

Academic Advising

The flexible degree requirements allow each student to develop an academic program to meet specific needs relevant to a particular ministry setting. In consultation with an academic advisor in the Registrar's Office, each student constructs a plan of study that addresses anticipated needs in practical ministry. The academic advisor guides the student in course selection.

Degree Requirements


Course Title Course Number Hours

General Requirements

Introduction to Missiology MISSN 3363 3
Contemporary Evangelism EVANG 3303 3
Spiritual Formation I SPFEV 3101 1
Spiritual Formation II SPFEV 3111 1

General Theological Studies

Biblical Hermeneutics BIBST 3203 3
Old Testament I OLDTS 3313 3
Old Testament II OLDTS 3323 3
New Testament I NEWTS 3313 3
New Testament II NEWTS 3323 3

Theological Studies

Systematic Theology I SYSTH 3053 3
Systematic Theology II SYSTH 3063 3
Systematic Theology III SYSTH 3073 3
Baptist Heritage BPTST 3203 3
Church History I CHAHT 3103 3
Church History II CHAHT 3113 3

Studies in Missiology

World Religions  MISSN 4333 3
Biblical Foundations for Missions MISSN 4353 3
Missionary Anthropology OR Applied Anthropology for Church Planting MISSN 4373/ MISSN 4653 3
Cross-Cultural Communication MISSN 5373 3
Missions Electives  MISSN/ISLST 12

Practical Missions Requirement (choose one of the following tracks)2

Short-Term Mission Praxis (for candidates with 2 years of previous experience)
Short-Term Mission Praxis MISSN 5533 3
Great Commission Mentorship (for candidates who have no previous experience)
Missionary Distance Learning Orientation MISSN 3000 0
Great Commission Mentorship I (1st semester) APLEV 5602 1
Great Commission Mentorship II (2nd semester) APLEV 5612 1
Great Commission Mentorship III (3rd semester) APLEV 5622 1
  Total 68


1These hours usually count towards the 68-hour degree plan. Many missionaries with prior studies fulfill the residency requirement in one academic year while on stateside assignment or furlough.

2This is two years of missions service and is required for graduation.

Additional Information

Students interested in more information regarding the program should contact the Fish School of Evangelism and Missions Dean's Office at 817-923-1921 extension 6400 or visit the World Mission Center. Students may also contact the Office of the Registrar at 817-923-1921 extension 2000 or in Flemming 104.