John Massey, Ph.D.
Dean of the Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions and Associate Professor of Missions

Carl Bradford, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Evangelism

Ian Buntain, D.Min.
Associate Professor of Missions and Director of the World Missions Center

Dan Crawford, D.Min.
Senior Professor Emeritus of Evangelism and Missions

Adam W. Greenway, Ph.D.
Professor of Evangelism and Apologetics, and President

Travis Kerns, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Apologetics and World Religions

Mark McClellan, Ph.D.
Professor of Missions and Director of Hispanic Programs

J. Michael Morris, Ph.D.
Senior Professor of Missions

Rebekah Naylor, M.D.
Distinguished Professor of Missions and Missionary-in-Residence

Matt Queen, Ph.D.
Professor of Evangelism, L. R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism ("Chair of Fire"), and Associate Dean of the Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions

Daniel R. Sanchez, D.Min., Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Missions

Dean Sieberhagen, D.Theol.
Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, Vernon D. and Jeannette Davidson Chair of Missions, and Director of the Master of Arts in Islamic Studies Program

Hongyi Yang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of World Christianity, and Director of Chinese Language Programs