Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities at Scarborough College offers education for life - that is, for living the truly human life; the life of virtue, of purpose, and of properly ordered desires and longings made possible by Jesus (John 10:10). This degree explores the questions and ideas of the classical and Christian liberal arts tradition to shape students into persons who flourish in whichever vocational context to which they may be called. Building on a core of courses in history, biblical studies, theology, and the great ideas of Western thought, Humanities majors are given the freedom to choose advanced courses that further prepare them for their unique pursuits.



Course Title Course Number Hours
Historical Perspectives HIS 1013 3
History of the Ancient World HIS 1153 3
World Religions HIS 2103 3
History of the Medieval World HIS 2153 3
History of the Renaissance World HIS 2163 3
History of the Modern World HIS 3153 3
Meaning, Vocation, and Flourishing IDE 1053 3
Great Ideas of the Ancient World IDE 1153 3
Great Ideas of the Medieval World IDE 2153 3
Great Ideas of the Renaissance World IDE 2163 3
Great Ideas of the Modern World IDE 3153 3
Humanities Advanced Topics IDE 4313-4353 21
Critical Thinking and Worldview REA 1153 3
Natural Science NAS 4203 3
Contemporary Social Issues SOS 4113 3
Introduction to Academic Writing ENG 1113 3
Academic Writing II ENG 1213 3
Greek, Latin, or Hebrew I GRK, LTN, or HBR 1103 3
Greek, Latin, or Hebrew II GRK, LTN, or HBR 1203 3
Greek, Latin, or Hebrew III1 GRK, LTN, or HBR 2103 3
Greek, Latin, or Hebrew IV1 GRK, LTN, or HBR 2203 3
Old Testament Survey I OTS 1113 3
Old Testament Survey II OTS 1123 3
New Testament Survey I NTS 2113 3
New Testament Survey II NTS 2123 3
Systematic Theology I THE 3033 3
Systematic Theology II THE 4033 3
Systematic Theology III THE 4043 3
International Mission Trip MIS 3201 1
Personal Evangelism EVA 2201 1
Chapel CHP 1000 (6 semesters)
Free Electives or Concentration   18
Humanities Portfolio IDE 4390 0
  Total 122
1Students may complete four semesters of one language or two semesters of two different languages.