Online Options


The following degrees may be completed 100% online. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) may be completed through "Flexible Access" study.

All Associate degrees
Bachelors of Arts degree in Christian Studies, Humanities, Intercultural Studies, and Licenciatura en Ministerio Pastoral
Master of Divinity
Master of Arts in Christian Education
Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling
Master of Theological Studies
Master of Theological Studies with a Concentration in Cross-Cultural Missions
Master of Theology

Southwestern offers a variety of online education formats. These are defined below.

  1. Flexible: This format allows students the choice to view live class lectures via Zoom at the days and times listed or view the recorded lectures at their convenience each week. Based on the course content, the professor of record, in consultation with the dean, may require synchronous attendance for selected courses. 14-week courses are primarily offered in this format.
  2. Synchronous (Live Interaction): This format requires online attendance via Zoom at the days and times listed. Ph.D. students (upon the approval of the professor) may attend their doctoral seminar synchronously online via Zoom, either on occasion as needed or regularly.
  3. Asynchronous: This format presents course content through multimedia with weekly coursework that can be completed at any time during the week. 8-Week Online courses are always formatted as asynchronous courses.

Students enrolling in an online course should expect to have a similar workload as an on-campus class. There are interactive assignments for each week of the semester. A student must be accepted to the seminary prior to enrolling in classes. See the catalog's Computer Requirements and Access statement for details.

Online learning enriches the educational experience by bringing together students from around the world. Southwestern Online has students living across the United States as well as foreign countries. For more information regarding online learning visit Southwestern Online.

Please be advised that faculty have the liberty to remove access to their courses in the Learning Management System (Canvas) at will and there is no guarantee that course content or lecture videos will remain accessible after the close of the term in which the course takes place. Please also be aware that access to Canvas may also be removed after graduation or withdrawal from the Seminary.