President's Greeting

A Message from the President

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Scarborough College comprise a remarkable community which includes a full service campus at Houston and extension centers at the Darrington Prison, Plano, San Antonio, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Bonn, Germany, as well as work online. This community of godly scholars, future pastors, missionaries, and church workers is one of the most unique to be found anywhere. Built on a firmly evangelical orthodox foundation laid by its founders such as B.H. Carroll (1908-1914) and L.R. Scarborough (1915-1942), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has been deeply committed from its conception to the thorough investigation of the texts of the Bible in order to determine not only what ought to be believed but also what ought to be practiced. Here in Fort Worth, as in its various extensions, there is an earnest attempt to wed the very best in scholarship with a passionate zeal for the 6.5 billion people of the world, to provide all of those people with freedom of religion and the opportunity as a part of that to be introduced to Jesus Christ, who we believe alone can save men from their sins.

To become a part of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary family is to determine that one will give himself for a period of time to the most intense examination of the very best thought of the sharpest and most progressive thinkers, while at the very same time nurturing the heart in a faithful and life changing walk with the Savior. Furthermore, to be a part of the Southwestern family is to embrace the missionary and evangelistic task of taking the message of Christ to even the most difficult places on the face of the earth.

To come to Southwestern Seminary is a decision to study with genuine men and women of God who are devoted not only to the Lordship of Christ, the inerrancy and infallibility of God's Word, and the future of the biblical family, but also to the ministry of the local church as God's chosen way of doing His work in the world. These are professors who have not merely studied about movements and perspectives but have actually been a part of the applied experience of all of these in the local churches and in the lives of individual Christians.

As President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, it is my great joy to extend an invitation to come and visit with us at anytime. You will find one of the warmest and friendliest campuses that you could possibly imagine, and you will find the Spirit of God at work on this campus in a most remarkable way. Only the Spirit of God can tutor your heart in knowing exactly where you should study, but I believe with all of my heart that I can promise that you will never forget even just a visit to Southwestern Seminary. We urge you to come if possible on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday when we are having chapel so that you can be a part of the community at worship and see the amazing things that God is doing in our midst firsthand.

So, welcome to Southwestern. Welcome to an adventure that has no boundaries. Welcome to a virtual army of men and women who venture to the ends of the earth not to take life but to give life on every hand. See you soon at Southwestern.

Until He Comes,

Paige Patterson

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