Ownership and Objectives

Southwestern Seminary is a corporation whose sole member is the Southern Baptist Convention. It is administered by 39 member Board of Trustees elected by the convention and serving staggered terms of office. The seminary seeks to affirm the intention of its founders and the obligations assigned by the convention to provide education for students who give evidence of a divine call to Christian ministry. The seminary is guided by and subject to the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted and amended by the Southern Baptist Convention. A copy of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 is included in this catalog.

Trustees elect faculty members and administrative officers. Financial support is derived from the convention's Cooperative Program, endowment earnings, gifts, and student fees. A faculty qualified by recognized academic degrees and practical experience is part of Southwestern's tradition of educational and Christian excellence. A sabbatical leave program provides regular opportunity for each faculty member to participate in research, formal study, lectureships, and writing projects.

Students prepare for diverse ministries in churches, denominational agencies, and institutions. The curriculum is designed to correlate classical disciplines of biblical, historical, and theological studies with relevant skills and contemporary methods of Christian leadership.

Qualified students of all Christian denominations, nationalities, and races are eligible for admittance to the Seminary, with the primary emphasis on Southern Baptist students. The seminary seeks to maintain and cultivate broad academic, cultural, and community relationships.