Extension Centers

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Centers for Theological Education

Southwestern is committed to providing quality, conservative, theological education through its extension education ministry. Extension education began under the challenge of President Naylor to “take the seminary to the minister [rather than] making the minister come to the seminary.”

Bonn, Germany

In 2005, Southwestern Seminary began offering courses leading to the Master of Arts (Theology) degree on the beautiful campus of the Bibelseminar in Bonn, Germany.

Students in Bonn can complete the entire Master of Arts (Theology) with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry. Classes are offered in German or in English with German translation by resident and visiting Southwestern faculty on a five week rotating schedule from October to June. A library, computer lab, classrooms, and residential faculty are provided at this location.

For information on the MA(Th) offered in Germany see our website at http://www.bsb-online.de/en.html or contact Dr. Friedhelm Jung:

by mail at: Bibelseminar Bonn, Haus Wittgenstein
Ehrental 2-4, 53332 Bornheim-Roisdorf
by email at: fjung@bsb-online.de
or by phone at: +49 (0) 2222.701200