Special Campus Centers and Programs of Study

The Center for Biblical Stewardship

The Center for Biblical Stewardship exists to inspire the “heart-work” of stewardship leaders. It does this by promoting, educating, and preserving Biblical stewardship heritage.

The Center for Early Christian Studies

The Center for Early Christian Studies is an initiative to facilitate concentrated research and teaching at the seminary that recovers the significant theological voices of the early church. This center supports the academic environment of the seminary through committed research, teaching, and publication in the field of Early Christianity as well as through a combination of special lectures, academic conferences, study groups, and a website dedicated to research in early Christianity.

The Center for Expository Preaching

In order to provide local church pastors with the tools necessary to preach text-driven sermons, the Center for Expository Preaching in cooperation with the Riley Center hosts the Expository Preaching Workshop during the spring semester. Dr. David Allen, serves as the Director of the Southwestern Center for Expository Preaching.

The Center for Theological Research

The Center for Theological Research, directed by Dr. Malcolm Yarnell, seeks to promote evangelical and Baptist theology among Southern Baptists. The center accomplishes this task through special lectures, think tank sessions, and study programs. A number of special lectures, the first of which is the Day-Higginbotham Lectures series, are managed by the Center. The think tank sessions invite established scholars to participate in discussions concerning crucial theological topics. The first of the study programs, the Oxford Studies Program, offers students a chance to earn credit for classes taken while journeying through the British Isles.

Continuing Education for Ministry

Southwestern Seminary offers two types of continuing educational opportunities. First, those who have completed a college or seminary degree, may, upon approval of their application, enroll in courses offered at the level of the degree they have completed. This applies to all courses, however, prerequisite requirements must be met when they exist. Courses may be taken for credit or audited. All such work will be noted on a transcript from the Registrar’s Office. Persons interested in continuing education on the master’s level may want to consider a prescribed concentration of courses. Those who successfully complete a prescribed concentration, usually 12 hours, are eligible to receive a certificate from the Seminary recognizing the accomplishment.

A second opportunity for continuing education is found among the many workshops, conferences, and seminars hosted or sponsored by the Seminary through The Riley Center for Leadership Development. A full listing of these opportunities can be found on the Seminary website. Most of these workshops, conferences, and seminars are open to the public for a modest registration fee. In some cases, transcripted course credit is available for approved applicants upon completion of extra syllabus requirements.

Language/Culture Ministry Training Programs

In addition to its regular programs of study, the seminary has specialized programs that offer instruction in Spanish, German, Korean, and Mandarin. Southwestern Seminary offers the entire Master of Theological Studies program online in Spanish and Mandarin. The seminary also has a Doctor of Ministry Program for Korean students and a Master of Arts in Theology program in Bonn, Germany. These and other programs demonstrate the seminary's commitment to train pastors and church leaders for the numerous socio-linguistic groups in this country and around the world.

Naylor Children's Center

The Southwestern Mother’s Day Out program offers a safe and welcoming atmosphere for children. Trained teachers are all part of the seminary family and are selected for their experience, gifts and calling to provide quality care in a Christian environment. Spacious class rooms, a large indoor play area, and age-appropriate outdoor play grounds create the perfect place for children to learn, interact, and make new friends.

As a complement to Mother’s Day Out, Southwestern Seminary has established the Southwestern Homeschool Program. This partnership program supports homeschooling parents and children with supplementary classes and resources, extracurricular activities, and fellowship in a community of like-minded Christian home educators.

The Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement

The Richard Land Center for Cultural Engagement was established at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in order to open doors for the study and research of ethics, public policy and other cultural and philosophical issues.

The center was named in honor of Richard Land, former president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Land is author of numerous books, including The Divided States of America? What Liberals and Conservatives are Missing in the God-and-Country Shouting Match!

Visiting Students

Students from the Freie Theologische Hochschule (FTH) in Giesen, Germany are eligible to apply to complete up to one year of study at Southwestern. These visiting students complete twelve semester hours of master's-level coursework per semester in fulfillment of a degree being earned through FTH. Applications for admission are completed through the admissions office and applicants must complete all visa requirements through Southwestern's Office of International Student Ministry and Services.

World Missions Center

The World Missions Center at Southwestern Seminary exists to inform, inspire, equip, network, and engage all Southwesterners in God’s vision for his church as expressed in Revelation 7:9-12. It is our purpose to see every Southwesterner actively involved in the task of global evangelism and discipleship, passionately seeking to fulfill the Great Commission and glorify God. The WMC seeks to fulfill its Mission through a diversity of partnerships, programs, and ministry strategies:

  • Missions
    • Promotion of short-term mission trips, mid-term assignments (Fish School 2+2 Program), and long-term (career) IMB ministry roles
    • Developing the annual Missions Practicum known as "Reach the World"
    • Conducting and facilitating mission trips across North America and around the globe
  • Evangelism
    • Coordinating the annual Evangelism Practicum known as "Revive This Nation" and the annual "Crossover" evangelistic outreach initiative (preceding the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention)
  • Conferences
    • Hosting international church planting conferences including the annual International Church Planting Week (each Fall Semester)
    • Hosting global summits focused upon the needs of and opportunities within IMB affinity groups
  • Campus Events
    • Organizing the SWBTS World Missions Week (each Spring semester)
    • Participating with the North American Mission Board in North American Church Planting Week (each Spring semester)
  • Fellowship
    • Developing and coordinating the communications for the SWBTS Missionary Alumni Fellowship
    • Facilitating the expansion of Southwestern's international student fellowships
  • Internships & Opportunities
    • Developing student internships through state convention partnerships in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, church planting, and cross-cultural missions
    • Partnering with NAMB and state conventions to develop student summer apprenticeships (short-term opportunities with the possibility of academic credit)
    • Facilitating local church internships and apprenticeships for Southwestern students in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and missions roles
  • Research
    • Assisting students, faculty, and the local church in demographic research for the development of evangelism, missions, and church planting strategies

Please contact the World Missions Center Team with any questions.

PO Box 22418
Fort Worth, TX 76122-0418

(817) 923-1921 ext. 7500
Email: wmc@swbts.edu