Financial Aid

Mission Statement:  The Office of Financial Aid seeks to encourage and facilitate the educational preparation of men and women answering God's call into full time Christian ministry. This is accomplished by ensuring the widest dissemination and designation of aid opportunities possible within the context of developing mature ministers of the Gospel.

Financial Aid at Southwestern begins with funding from the Cooperative Program, which is made possible by the generous giving of Southern Baptist churches and individuals. The major portion of academic costs for Southern Baptist students is defrayed by a direct subsidy from the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention as an investment in the future ministerial leadership of Southern Baptist churches and institutions.

The primary purpose of the financial aid program at Southwestern is to assist students who demonstrate financial need. A student’s preparation for entering the Seminary should include a determination of personal financial needs and the provisions for meeting these needs. Even though the Seminary believes that students, as much as possible, should be self-supporting, Southwestern acknowledges that some students may require financial assistance in order to complete their seminary training.

Financial aid is primarily awarded to students who are full time students at the Fort Worth Campus, demonstrate need, and are moving toward completion of a degree. Any assistance provided is supplemental to other income and resources the student may have.

The General Scholarship:

The General Scholarship is made possible through the generous gifts of individual donors, and is available to those students who qualify. The minimum qualifications for a student to receive the General Scholarship include being enrolled as a full-time student, an established 2.0 GPA, and job employment. Students completing their first semester may apply for their second semester. Scholarship amounts will be determined in the Summer after the posting of the Spring semester grades, with the awarding of the scholarship occuring in the Fall. 

New Student Scholarships:

New Students who do not have an established GPA often find it difficult to obtain scholarships for their first semester of studies. In order to remedy this, Southwestern has created a New Student Scholarship for those attending in their first semester. Southwestern has also opened up our 14 Impact Scholarships to first semester students. Additionally, there are scholarship opportunities from external sources which may be utilized.  Information on non-seminary financial resources is available to prospective students. Some state conventions and foundations offer scholarships to students from their state. Students may contact the convention and/or foundation in their home state to make inquiry. Extensive information regarding scholarship criteria and deadlines is available on the seminary web site at

The High Achievers Scholarship is awarded to students who accomplished the equivalent of 3.7 GPA on a 4.0 grade scale, a 28 or above on the ACT, or a 1250 or above on the SAT. In honor of your hard work Southwestern is pleased to award you $1,000 for each of your first two semesters. The $1,000 per semester award is renewable annually for students who are enrolled as full time students, and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7 while studying at Southwestern. 

Extensive information regarding scholarship criteria and deadlines is available on the seminary web site at

Impact Scholarships

The Impact Scholarships are fourteen individual scholarship opportunities designed to assist students with very specific backgrounds or areas of ministry. These scholarships are merit based and applications are considered on a competitive basis. Each scholarship should be applied for individually and the applicant should submit both an application and an attached personal statement. Applications are available from the Office of Financial Aid at our office or through email at

Missions Scholarships:

Recognizing the importance of the missionary in fulfilling the Great Commission, Southwestern has recently made new scholarship oppportunities available to missionaries. Scholarships are available to those participating in the Journeyman program, missionaries currently serving in the field, and for the children of missionaries currently serving in the field. Individual requirements vary by missionary scholarship.  Details are available by visiting our web page.

Music Scholarships:

A limited number of performance scholarships are available in the School of Church Music. They are awarded to students of proven ability and outstanding dedication to Christian service and many are given after the completion of one semester of residence, so that the faculty may have an opportunity to evaluate each student.

Payment Plan:

A payment plan is available for registration costs administered by the Business Office. There is a minimal per semester non-refundable enrollment fee, and monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from the subscriber's bank account or charged to a credit card each month throughout the semester.

Loan Deferment:

Southwestern does not participate in federal or state funded student aid programs involving loans or grants. However, Southwestern is eligible to recommend repayment deferments for most federal or state educational loans received in colleges and universities. Deferment applications may be obtained from the lender and taken to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Veteran Benefits:

Those eligible for Veteran Benefits who have been admitted to an approved degree program can be certified to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  This process must be initiated by the student through the Registrar's Office. Students must notify the Registrar's Office each semester they want to be certified.

Financial Counseling:

There are many times when students need counseling regarding specific financial situations or budgeting for future education expenses. In many cases the Office of Financial Aid can assist with budgeting or provide referral information to another seminary office or area agency, which can provide further assistance.

Non-Federal Loans:

Non-Federal Loans are available for tuition, fees and books. Students need to contact the Office of Financial Aid for information.

Emergency Grants:

When students are confronted with financial crises caused by a serious illness, death, or other unforeseen emergency, the seminary seeks to share in the financial need with an aid grant or loan. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.


The student is expected to provide a major share of his or her expenses through personal employment, savings, and other assets. For on-campus job opportunities, a student should contact the Seminary Human Resources Office and for off-campus and church-related positions, the student should contact the Office of Church/Minister Relations.

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