Master of Arts in Christian Education

The School of Church and Family Ministries provides a 64-hour program of study leading to the M.A.C.E. degree. This basic degree program is designed primarily for the person who plans to perform various educational ministries in the church. The basic M.A.C.E. degree has several concentrations available for specialized study in a particular field of Christian education. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is a pre-requisite. Students enrolled in this degree must maintain at least a "C" average for graduation.

Course Title Course Number Hours

Foundational Studies

Spiritual Formation 1 SPFEM 3101 1
Spiritual Formation 2 SPFEM 3111 1
Contemporary Evangelism1 EVANG 3303 3
Personal Evangelism Practicum1 EVANG 3000 0
Biblical Hermeneutics BIBST 3203 3
Systematic Theology 1 SYSTH 3003 3
Systematic Theology 2 SYSTH 3013 3
Basic Old Testament 12 OLDTS 3313 3
Basic Old Testament 22 OLDTS 3323 3
Basic New Testament 12 NEWTS 3313 3
Basic New Testament 22 NEWTS 3323 3
Baptist Heritage BPTST 3203 3
  Total 29

School of Church and Family Ministries Studies

The Ministry of Education EDMIN 3003 3
Theology of Church and Family EDMIN 3013 3
Administration and Church Law ADMIN 3313 3
Theology and Philosophy for Christian Education FOUND 3333 3
Biblical Anthropology and Pedagogy HUMGR 3013 3
Principles of Biblical Counseling CNSLN 3203 3
Field Experience 3 ADMIN/FOUND 5902 2
  Total 20

Church and Family Ministries Electives or Concentration3

See Concentrations 12
Free Elective in any school 3
  Total 15
  Degree Total 64

1Female students may substitute WOMIN 3313 Contemporary Evangelism for Women. EVANG 3000 is to be taken in conjunction with Contemporary Evangelism.

2Students who have completed Old Testament or New Testament introductory courses in their undergraduate work with a grade of A or B may be eligible to replace OLDTS 3313 and 3323 and/or NEWTS 3313 and 3323, enrolling in other OLDTS and NEWTS courses instead. An evaluation of the undergraduate transcript must be performed or the student will not be eligible to replace Basic Old and New Testament. The student must complete an "Advanced Standing without Credit" application and have a transcript evaluation by the Office of the Registrar.

3Students seeking a concentration might be required to take concentration-specific Field Experience courses in that division. See Concentrations.

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