Degree Overview

Master of Arts in Christian Education

The Master of Arts in Christian Education is the basic degree program offered by the School of Church and Family Ministries and is primarily for those persons preparing for Christian educational ministry in a church setting. Thirty-eight hours of this 67 hour program consist of biblical and theological studies. Elective hours may be taken in any of several concentration areas: Administration, Adult Ministry, Biblical Counseling, Children's Ministry, Christian School Education, Church Recreation, Collegiate Ministry, Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Ministry, Hispanic Studies, Missions, Student Ministry, Teaching, Women's Ministry and Worship.

Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling is a 65-hour program of study designed primarily to equip Christian men and women to minster God's Word through counseling in the context of the local church or other Christian ministries.  The degree includes 35 hours of theological preparation vital for effectively interpreting and ministering the Word of God, as well as 30 hours of counseling courses that will prepare students to apply God's Word in both formal and informal counseling settings.

Master of Arts in Christian School Education

The Master of Arts in Christian School Education is for individuals who desire to pursue or are involved in a ministry in a Christian school (K-12) with an emphasis in teaching or administration. The 54-hour degree is comprised of 33 hours of theology core courses and 21 hours of a Christian School Education block, which includes five Christian School Education courses, a supervised internship, and a thesis component. The Christian School Education courses are offered during the summer in one-week class format. Three courses are offered each summer on a rotating basis.

The M.A.C.S.E. degree program meets the certification requirements for the standard certificate level of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Doctor of Educational Ministry

The Doctor of Educational Ministry degree prepares graduates for leadership in biblical educational ministry.  Intended for those who are presently involved in educational ministry leadership, this degree is designed to build upon the Master of Arts in Christian Education degree or its equivalent.  The D.Ed.Min. challenges the student to think biblically about educational ministry in the church and home, and its focus on the application of Scriptures to ministry means that it is structured so that students can attend seminars while continuing to work in the ministry setting.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy degree prepares graduates for leadership in the field of Christian Education. The program is designed to develop the skills of sound scholarship, an understanding of the fundamental authority of the Scriptures over our philosophy and practice, and the creative leadership necessary to teach in a graduate institution or to serve in a significant place of service. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is conferred on the basis of high scholarship and research skill as demonstrated by the student's resident work, examinations, and dissertation.

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