Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies Concentrations

A student may obtain a concentration by using elective/concentration hours to complete the requirements described below.  Upon completion of a concentration, students will receive a certificate of their work.


The education concentration explores the historical, philosophical and practical dimensions of education. The areas of study include the theories of learning, in both acquisition and application, at various stages of life.

Course Title Course Number Hours
History and Philosophy of Education EDU 2103 3
Introduction to Christian Education and Ministry EDU 2203 3
Theology and Education EDU 3103 3
Principles and Methods of Teaching EDU 3203 3
Educational Leadership and Administration EDU 4103 3
  Total 15

Biblical and Theological Studies

The Biblical and Theological Studies concentration further extends the Biblical Studies curriculum with additional courses in Bible and theology. Also required in this concentration are biblical languages—Hebrew and Greek.

Course Title Course Number Hours
Hebrew I HBR 1103 3
Hebrew II HBR 1203 3
Greek I GRK 1103 3
Greek II GRK 1203 3
Biblical or Theological Studies Elective BIB/THE 3
  Total 15


This concentration prepares women to model the characteristics of a Godly woman as outlined in Scripture. This is done through instructing in homemaking skills, and developing insights into home and family, while continuing to equip women to understand and engage the culture of today. This concentration challenges women both intellectually and practically, equipping them to impact women and families for Christ.

Course Title Course Number Hours
Required Courses
Principles of Biblical Womanhood HMK 1102 2
Biblical Model for the Home and Family HMK 3103 3
Resource Management Practicum
HMK 4203 3
Choose 14 hours from the following
Horner Homemaking Practicum HMK 3001 1
Principles of Food Preparation with Lab HMK 3113 3
Home and Family Management HMK 3123 3
Value of a Child HMK 3203 3
Meal Preparation with Lab HMK 3204 4
Basics of Design HMK 4103 3
Fundamentals of Clothing Construction HMK 4204 4
Math for Financial Management MTH 3223 3
Minimum hours needed to satisfy Homemaking Concentration requirements 22


The missions concentration provides CSW students with guided academic, linguistic, and evangelistic training both on campus and on the mission field. Students in the missions concentration will be involved in classes and a field practicum program that will equip them to effectively cross cultures, engage in international evangelism and disciple new believers.

Course Title Course Number Hours
Missions Practicum MIS 3316* 6
Linguistics Practicum MIS 3323* 3
Evangelism Practicum EVA 3313* 3
Missions Elective   3
  Total 15
*Students pursuing the BS in Biblical Studies with a Missions concentration will not be required to fulfill MIS 3201 (One hour credit).


The music concentration exists to provide foundational training and discipline of Christian musicians for the advancement of the Gospel through music ministry. Musical coursework, along with the unique depth of biblical studies, will equip students to encounter the world on a platform of excellence and integrity.

Course Title Course Number Hours
Chapel Choir (two semesters) ENS 2228 1 (1/2 each)
Auditioned Ensemble* (two semesters) ENS 1xx8 1 (1/2 each)
Applied Study -
Four semesters from one of the following:
INS 1101-2201
ORG 1101-2201
PIA 1101-2201
VOI 1101-2201
4 (1 each)
Theory and Musicianship I THY 1104 4
Theory and Musicianship II THY 1204 4
Music Elective   1
  Total 15
*The student will choose from the following auditioned ensembles: Chamber Ensemble, Combo Lab, Guitar Ensemble, NewSound, Orchestra, Southwestern Singers, Southwestern Master Chorale, String Ensemble, and Wind Ensemble.


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