Course Numbering

The letter prefix of a course differentiates College from Seminary courses. College courses have three letter prefixes (IDE); Seminary courses have five letter prefixes (SYSTH).

The four numbers after the letter prefix indicate the course level and designate the particular course.

Course levels for College courses are:
0000-0999 Remedial courses
1000-1999 Freshman courses
2000-2999 Sophomore courses
3000-3999 Junior courses
4000-4999 Senior courses
Course levels for Seminary courses are:
3000-5000 Master's courses
6000 Professional Doctoral courses
7000-8000 Research Doctoral courses

The right digit in most cases represents the number of credit hours earned for the course. A number nine in the right digit indicates an experimental course. A number 5 in the right digit indicates a 1.5 hour class. A number eight in the right digit indicates a 0.5 hour class.