Master of Arts in Worship Leadership

The Masters of Arts in Worship Leadership is designed for worship leaders who seek to deepen their understanding of authentic expression of faith and develop their leadership and creative abilities. Through graduate study in worship, theology, culture, leadership, and artistic skills, students will be prepared to plan and lead worship.

A student in the Master of Arts in Worship Leadership program may transfer to the Master of Music in Worship Leadership at any time with all completed credits applying toward the new degree.

All students in the School of Church Music and Worship are required to minister in the music program of a local church or organization during the time they are enrolled in their degree programs.

Entrance Requirement

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.


Master of Arts in Worship Leadership students must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.00.

Method of Study

The Master of Arts in Worship Leadership is offered as a fully online degree. Online courses are offered in eight-week, asynchronous intensives throughout the year (Fall A, Fall B, Spring A, Spring B, Summer A, Summer B). Local students may choose to take courses residentially or online.

Worship Ministry Project

Students will develop and present a thirty-minute Worship Ministry Project preceded by a ten-minute lecture and followed by a ten-minute defense. The Worship Ministry Project is the capstone event of the MAWL and should reflect the student’s understanding of Christ-honoring, gospel-centered biblical fidelity, artistic creativity, and musical excellence. The Worship Ministry Project is to be completed at the culmination of the course requirements for the Master of Arts in Worship Leadership.

Time Limit

The Master of Arts in Worship Leadership degree must be completed within a period of five years from the time of admission. Extensions may be granted to students who are serving in an international mission field.

Master of Arts in Worship Leadership

Theological Studies
Coutrse Title
Course Number
Old Testament I or II OLDTS 3313 or 3323 3
New Testament I or II NEWTS 3313 or 3323 3
Systematic Theology I SYSTH 3053 3
Systematic Theology II or III SYSTH 3063 or 3073 3
Spiritual Formation SPFRM 3022 2
Baptist Heritage BPTST 3203 3
  Total Theology Hours 17
Worship Leadership Studies
Worship Theology Core    
The Church Gathered: Theology of Worship WORSP 4323 3
Philosophy of Worship Ministry WORSP 4312 2
Congregational Song WORSP 4222 2
Worship Leadership Development    
Advanced Dynamics of Worship Leadership and Design WORSP 4232 2
Comprehensive Worship Ministry: Best Practices WORSP 4242 2
Technology and Media in Worship I WORSP 4262 2
Advanced Techniques for Effective Choral Conducting CONDG 4512 2
Advanced Techniques in Vocal Ensemble Leadership CONDG 4522 2
Worship Ministry Project and Colloquium    
Worship Ministry Project WORSP 4402 2
Colloquium (two semesters) WORSP 4700 0
  Total Worship Leadership Hours 19
  Total Degree Hours 36