Master of Arts in Church Music

The Master of Arts in Church Music (M.A.C.M.) is designed to provide essential musical training integrated with focused study in church music ministry. Additionally, the degree provides a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies. A student who begins the M.A.C.M. degree program may opt to complete the Master of Music in Church Music as outlined below.

The M.A.C.M. degree is not considered preparation for doctoral study. An M.A.C.M. student wishing to pursue a doctoral degree at Southwestern Seminary will be expected to complete the requirements for the Master of Music degree.

Entrance Requirement

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; a major in music is not expected. On the basis of auditions and placement examinations, a student may qualify for advanced standing in music theory or for transfer credit for music coursework completed in college.

Applied Area

Music Ministry is the concentration on the M.A.C.M. degree. In addition to the concentration, students will choose an applied area of study from voice, piano, organ, instrument, or composition pending approval on the basis of an audition before the appropriate faculty.

All students, regardless of their applied area, will be required to pass a voice proficiency and a piano proficiency as soon as possible in their course of study.


M.A.C.M. students must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.75 (B-).

Time Limit

The Master of Arts in Church Music normally requires a minimum of eight semesters for completion. The Master of Arts in Church Music degree must be completed within a period of seven years from the time of admission. Extensions may be granted to students who are serving in an international mission field.

Comprehensive Examinations

Written and oral comprehensive examinations are required to complete the degree and are normally given about four to six weeks before graduation. If the student does not pass the comprehensive examinations, they may be retaken.

To be permitted to take comprehensive examinations, the M.A.C.M. student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Passing of voice and piano proficiencies before registering for comprehensive examinations
  • Completion of Senior Recital
  • Satisfactory completion of all music courses (or concurrent enrollment in all remaining courses)
  • Attainment of required grade point average (2.75 or B-)
  • Enrollment in M.A.C.M. Comprehensive Examinations (MUMST 4980)
Course Title Course Number Hours

Master of Arts in Church Music (for students who were not music majors in college)

General Music Studies (undergraduate equivalent)
Theory and Musicianship I MUTHY 1414 4
Theory and Musicianship II MUTHY 1424 4
Theory and Musicianship III MUTHY 1434 4
Theory and Musicianship IV MUTHY 1444 4
Select three courses from the following: Select three courses: 6
Form in Music MUTHY 1452  
Theoretical Techniques of the 20th and 21st Centuries MUTHY 1462  
Counterpoint MUTHY 1472  
Instrumentation and Orchestration MUTHY 1482  
Music History I: Antiquity-Renaissance MUHST 1112 2
Music History II: Baroque-Classical MUHST 1122 2
Music History III: Nineteenth Century to Present MUHST 1132 2
Conducting I CONDG 1622 2
Conducting II (Choral or Instrumental) CONDG 1632 or  CONDG 1642 2
Auditioned Ensemble (two semesters) ENSEM 1xx8 1
Southwestern Master Chorale (two semesters) ENSEM 1018 1
Performance Lab (two semesters) PFMLB 1010 0
Voice Proficiency VOICL 4970 0
Piano Proficiency PIACL 4870 0
Music School Orientation ORIEN 4000 0
  Total 34

Applied Area (audition required; choose from one of the five areas below)

M.A.C.M. Voice I VOIPR 1912 2
M.A.C.M. Voice II VOIPR 1922 2
M.A.C.M. Voice III VOIPR 1932 2
M.A.C.M. Voice IV VOIPR 1942 2
M.A.C.M. Voice V VOIPR 1952 2
M.A.C.M. Voice VI and Senior Recital VOIPR 1962 2
Voice Pedagogy VOICL 4902 2
  Total 14
M.A.C.M. Piano I PIAPR 1812 2
M.A.C.M. Piano II PIAPR 1822 2
M.A.C.M. Piano III PIAPR 1832 2
M.A.C.M. Piano IV PIAPR 1842 2
M.A.C.M. Piano V PIAPR 1852 2
M.A.C.M. Piano VI and Senior Recital PIAPR 1862 2
Seminar in Piano Pedagogy I PIACL 4801 1
Piano Pedagogy Development I PIACL 4861 1
Technical Piano Proficiency PIACL 4880 0
  Total 14
M.A.C.M. Organ I ORGPR 1712 2
M.A.C.M. Organ II ORGPR 1722 2
M.A.C.M. Organ III ORGPR 1732 2
M.A.C.M. Organ IV ORGPR 1742 2
M.A.C.M. Organ V ORGPR 1752 2
M.A.C.M. Organ VI and Senior Recital ORGPR 1762 2
Service Playing I ORGCL 4731 1
Seminar in Organ Pedagogy and Practice Teaching ORGCL 4741 1
  Total 14
M.A.C.M. Instrument I ORINS 1012 2
M.A.C.M. Instrument II ORINS 1022 2
M.A.C.M. Instrument III ORINS 1032 2
M.A.C.M. Instrument IV ORINS 1042 2
M.A.C.M. Instrument V ORINS 1052 2
M.A.C.M. Instrument VI and Senior Recital ORINS 1062 2
Church Orchestra Practicum I ORINS 4931 1
Practicum: Leading Small Instrumental Groups in Worship MUMIN 4571 1
  Total 14
Applied Study (two semesters) PIAPR 1812/1822
VOIPR 1912/1922
ORGPR 1712/1722 or
ORINS 1012/1022
M.A.C.M. Composition I COMPN 1512 2
M.A.C.M. Composition II COMPN 1522 2
M.A.C.M. Composition III COMPN 1532 2
M.A.C.M. Composition IV and Senior Recital COMPN 1592 2
Select one course not previously taken from the following: Select one course: 2
Form in Music MUTHY 1452  
Theoretical Techniques of the 20th and 21st Centuries MUTHY 1462  
Counterpoint MUTHY 1472  
Instrumentation and Orchestration MUTHY 1482  
  Total 14
Graduate Church Music Studies (students may complete these courses for the M.A.C.M. or transfer to the M.M.)
Spiritual Formation I SPFMU 3101 1
Spiritual Formation II SPFMU 3111 1
Systematic Theology I SYSTH 3053 3
Select one: Systematic Theology II or III SYSTH 3063 or 3073 3
Select one: Old Testament I or II OLDTS 3313 or 3323 3
Select one: New Testament I or II NEWTS 3313 or 3323 3
Baptist Heritage BPTST 3203 3
Platform Leadership for the Musician MUMIN 3360 0
Worship MUMIN 3362 2
Congregational Song MUMIN 4222 2
Philosophy in Music Ministry MUMIN 4312 2
Church Music Education I MUMIN 4342 2
Children’s Choir Lab MUMIN 4340 0
Church Music Education II MUMIN 4352 2
Supervised Music Ministry MUMIN 3351 1
Auditioned Ensemble (two semesters) ENSEM 3xx8 1
Performance Lab (two semesters) PFMLB 3010 0
M.A.C.M. Comprehensive Exams MUMST 4980 0
Select five courses from the following: Select five courses: 5
Practicum: Contemporary Worship Leadership and Resources MUMIN 4511  
Practicum: Leading Small Vocal Ensembles in Worship MUMIN 4561  
Practicum: Leading Small Instrumental Groups in Worship MUMIN 4571  
Practicum: Administration and Finance in Ministry MUMIN 4601  
Practicum: The Arts in Worship MUMIN 4671  
Practicum: Artistic Outreach and Productions MUMIN 4681  
Practicum: Media in Worship MUMIN 4691  
Select three courses from the following: Select three courses: 6
Music in Missions MUMIN 3372  
Comparative Liturgies MUMIN 4262  
Hebrew and Early Christian Worship MUMIN 4442  
Worship in Reformation and Revival MUMIN 4452  
Worship in Korea MUMIN 4472  
Arts, Architecture, and Aesthetics in Artistic Ministry MUMIN 4522  
Dynamics of Corporate Worship MUMIN 4572  
Topics in Congregational Song MUMIN 4592  
Influence of Popular Styles on Music for Worship MUMIN 4622  
Biblical Worship in Contemporary Practice MUMIN 4652  
Anthropology and Cultural Studies MUMIN 4662  
  Total 40
  Total Degree Hours