Ensembles in the School of Church Music and Worship are open to all college and seminary students.

Chamber Orchestra

Students will participate in a variety of chamber ensembles, such as a string quartet, brass quintet, woodwind quintet, or mixed ensemble, depending on the resources available. Audition required.

Combo Lab

A lab that stresses the development and refinement of improvisation and performance skills in a small ensemble environment in traditional jazz literature as well as application in worship practice. Audition required.

Guitar Ensemble

An ensemble for students who want to improve their skills in reading, comping, and improvising. Class time will be spent rehearsing charts written specifically for guitar. All styles of music will be performed. Audition required.


A full symphonic ensemble of strings, winds, and percussion that performs literature from the standard symphonic repertoire. In association with the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra. Audition required.

Southwestern Brass

A brass ensemble that performs standard brass literature in concert and participates regularly in Chapel. Audition required.

Southwestern Master Chorale

A large mixed chorus that performs major sacred works for chorus and orchestra. Audition required.

Southwestern Singers

A mixed choir that appears in chapel, in concert, and on tour. Audition required.

Southwestern Worship Band

An ensemble that leads weekly Chapel services and includes vocalists, piano, guitar (electric and acoustic), bass guitar, keyboard, drums and other instruments as needed. Audition required.