Leadership Certificate in Childhood and Weekday Education

This certificate provides training for the large number of persons providing leadership in the churches in the areas of weekday, preschool, and childhood education. At the completion of 12 seminary hours the student will receive a certificate from Southwestern Seminary. If, at a later date, the student decides to enter the seminary to work on a bachelor's or master’s degree, those 12 hours may fill electives in the total degree plan.

Course Title Course Number Hours
Educational Administration and Church Law CFMIN 3313 (CFMIN 2313) 3
Family-Focused Church Ministry CFMIN 3323 (CFMIN 2323) 3
Biblical Training of Children CHDED 4333 (CHDED 2333) 3
Children’s Ministry in the Church CHDED 4243 (CHDED 2243) 3
  Total 12