Leadership Certificate in Childhood and Weekday Education

This certificate provides training for the large number of persons providing leadership in the churches in the areas of weekday, preschool, and childhood education. At the completion of 12 seminary hours the student will receive a certificate from Southwestern Seminary. If, at a later date, the student decides to enter the seminary to work on a bachelor's or master’s degree, those 12 hours may fill electives in the total degree plan.

Leadership Certificate in Childhood and Weekday Education Courses

CHDED 4213 Administration of Early Childhood Programs
Attention will be given to planning and operating programs for preschoolers in the church and during the week. The roles and work of the preschool minister, weekday and parents' day out director will be studied and observed through time spent in the Naylor Children's Center. Three hours.

CHDED 4243 Parenting and Faith Development
Parents are a child's first teachers. Attention will be given to equipping parents to lead and prepare children for successful mastery of life skills and faith development. Students will take steps towards developing confidence in their ability to become parents and teachers of children. Three hours.

CHDED 4313 Teaching Ministry in Early Childhood
During the first five years of a child's life, foundations are laid for a lifetime of learning and growth. The course will combine knowledge, theory and practical application to enable the student to work with preschoolers in any setting. Three hours.

CHDED 4323 Teaching Ministry in Middle/Later Childhood
Students will be taught the importance of sharing the gospel with school-age children through the various educational programs of the church. The students will be taught the importance of using developmentally appropriate learning experiences and activities to enhance Bible knowledge and discipleship practices. Three hours.

CHDED 4343 Ministry with Exceptional Children and Families
A study will be made of the characteristics and needs of children with special needs, and ways the faith community can teach and minister to them. Some of the areas of study are: Gifted and Talented, Mentally Retarded, Learning Disabilities, Behavior Problems, Communication Disorders in Speech and Language, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Physical Disabilities, Health Impairments, and Visual Impairments. Three hours.

CHDED 3523 Creative Arts and Drama for Children
A study of effective communication strategies for ministries with children. Learners will analyze creative techniques such as dramatics, storytelling, games, graphic arts, and music and appropriately apply these as teaching tools and learning activities for children. Three hours.

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