Family Consumer Sciences Certificate

The purpose of the Family and Consumer Sciences Certificate program is to equip women to model the characteristics of a godly woman as outlined in Scripture by using their home for ministry to their families, churches, and communities. This is accomplished through instruction in homemaking skills and developing insights into home and family, while continuing to equip women to understand and engage the culture of today.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Certificate can be acquired by completing 12 hours of course credit.

Family and Consumer Sciences Certificate Courses

FAM 1103 Principles of Biblical Womanhood
Taken during the student's first year this introductory course to the Homemaking concentration analyzes the character qualities resident in the woman who desires to please God. Three hours.

FAM 3103 Biblical Model for Home and Family
Focus on the biblical role of women related to the home, church, ministry, and relationships. Three hours.

FAM 3114 Principles of Food Preparation with Lab
Principles and techniques of food preparation and application of basic nutrition principles throughout the life cycle. $100 Lab Fee. Four hours. (3 hours classroom and 3 hours lab)

FAM 3123 Home and Family Management
This course focuses on management concepts that are an important part of the home and family decision-making process and the allocation of human, financial, and natural resources to achieve family goals. Topics covered include: goal setting, time management, planning, household organization, and biblical hospitality. Three hours.

FAM 3203 Value of a Child
A study of the spiritual, physical, emotional, and cognitive development of a child. Three hours.

FAM 3204 Meal Preparation with Lab
The course addresses the basic principles of selecting, preparing, and serving nutritional foods. Various fundamentals and techniques of meal preparation and management are emphasized and applied through weekly laboratory exercises. $150 Lab Fee. Four hours. (3 hours classroom and 3 hours lab)

FAM 4103 Basics of Design
Introduces the student to the design process and includes colors, space, proportion, and historic costume. Three hours.

FAM 4203 Resource Management Practicum
Taken during the final semester of the Homemaking concentration this capstone course focuses on the synthesis and application of the Homemaking curriculum with a focus on personal resource management skills. Three hours.

FAM 4204 Fundamentals of Clothing Construction
A study of patterns, fabric, equipment, and sewing. This course includes a lab each week. $50 Lab Fee. Four hours.

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